Home & Abroad Sessions

Home & Abroad Sessions
Freitag | 16. März 2018 | 22:00 Uhr

Scratch Crusader, Master Rocker, Oliver Brazes, DJ JEFF THE FISH & Melody Nelson spielen ihr fulminates
Jazzfunkbrazilianlatinfusion – Set in der Calamari Moon Suite


FRIDAY. 16.3, 22-4h:
„HOME&ABROAD DJ SESSIONS DJ GIG“ at Calamari Moon Club, Hannover (www.calamarimoon.de or www.facebook.com/CumberlandscheGalerie) featuring Hugh Chambers aka Scratch Crusader (UK), Masterocker (FR), Olivier Brazes (FR) Jeff the Fish (IE/FR) & Melody Nelson (DE).
Check out: www.mixcloud.com/homeandabroadsessions/homeabroad-sessions-vol-01/

SATURDAY, 17.3, 10-16h:
JAZZ RECORD FAIR at Hannover Pavillon (Lister Meile) … www.itsjazz.de

SATURDAY, 17.3, >21h:
„HOME&ABROAD DJ SESSIONS“ at Mojo Club Jazz Cafe, Hamburg
( www.mojo.de/program or www.facebook.com/MojoClub


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All Hannover venues are in the city centre and within walking distance to Hannover central station (Hannover Hauptbahnhof or Hbf).

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