French underground

French underground
Donnerstag | 15. März 2018 | 19:30 Uhr

Ein weiteres underground Konzert !
dark wave / minimal synth / coldwave / post-punk aus Frankreich


Einlass: 19:30
Beginn: ca. 20:30
Eintritt: 8 €

danach aftershowparty mit hollow skies

is a cold wave / electronic expé duo that produces minimal impulsive dance beats softened by hypnotical voices. Their layers of synthesised sound and heavy bass riffs are with the dark pop sounds of the drum boxes, and their chant drowned in delay tells stories influenced by Mythology and Sci-Fi style novels. The music created is somewhere between the 80 ’s synth wave, and experimental dancable dark pop. Their musical influences range from Suicide, to D.A.F, Tuxedomoon, Front 242, or Fad Gadget.

is a duo born in Troyes (france), Their music is a kind of strange mixture of experimentation lost between the atmospheric side of krautrock and the strength of post-punk. With many synths, voice and guitar Satellite installs a landscape inspired by the music of Cocteau Twin, HTRK & the Soft Moon.