Queen of Distortion (Metal)

Queen of Distortion (Metal)
Samstag | 12. Oktober 2019 | 21:00 Uhr

Queen of Distortion, founded in 2018 by 5 former Members of bands who already got in touch with stages across Europe and south America, is a female fronted metal band from Germany who’s genre is somewhat characterized by a portion of different rock but mostly metal genres. The over all construct of their music is native to true metal influences with some odd progressive cross elements and reaches to melodic guitar work like you would find in power and melodic metal.
Who is the Queen?
Queen of Distortion is a good remarkable name for the band. On one hand, “Distortion” is a vocal technique, that is practiced and well presented by their female lead singer Chris and then there is “The Queen” as a fictive Character of a story that is continued from album to album. The story is only available within the booklets of their records, an introduction to it will be released in 2019 on their website. This is somehow a cue to people who don’t buy full albums anymore. Since the band is female fronted with a rough and assertive voice, the Queen of Distortion leaves no unfulfilled wishes to heavy metal enthusiasts. The classic lineup of Vocals, Drums, Bass and 2 Guitars is almost perfect to handle a wide spectrum of influences. Accentuated drum and bass lines and the heavy guitar riffing during strophes and choruses bring their music to a point where music is going to be fun for their audience.
The over all experience of the band can be described with over 2000 shows, audience from 10 up to 35.000, they are studio, live, touring, support, headliner, jingle and interview safe and have more than 20 albums and EP’s recorded. The band is also able to play their shows with just one of their guitarist, which then brings a different but pleasant touch to them. Queen of Distortion would declare them selves as a „bare metal band“ but their different influences are more than noticeable through all of their tracks.

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